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January Meeting 2014

posted Feb 1, 2014, 4:05 PM by BoxHill GardenClub   [ updated Feb 2, 2014, 4:24 AM ]

          from Show Bench

                                            21st January 2014
                  Topic - Propagating Plants
                     Presenter - Beth Booker

Propagation of plants is growing new plants from current established plants. It involves doing very little. It is rewarding and the result is more plants for your garden and the excess to give to friends.
Beth gave a very informative hands-on presentation on taking hard wood cuttings and Bob Yeomans gave a demonstration on taking dahlia soft wood cuttings. Lots of good advice and tips that will ensure you achieve great results when propagating by cutting.
Propagation by division of a very large cliviaclump saw hands-on by Bob and John Presley. It took two men to lift the clump onto the table. Then with a very sharp large knife and a lot of effort 14 new sections of the plant were available for members to purchase.
A brief discussion on Propagation by layering and time was up. Propagation by seed was left for another meeting. A great hands-on presentation with lots of advice and tips to get you started on the multiplication of plants.
As this was our last meeting at the Church hall, members were well briefed on the new venue for all future meetings - the new Pavilion at Springfield Park, on the corner of Dorking Road.

This was the first meeting of the club under it's new name - Box Hill Garden Club and we got off to a very good start.

                     The Betty Knox Award (Best Exhibit)

An outstanding exhibit of Pink David Austin Roses won the judges over and took out the best exhibit. Every bloom was fresh and free of blemish. A marvellous result when we take into account the very hot weather we have experienced. A first entry by Barbara Cohen. Well done Barbara and welcome to the Club.

                                       Popular Vote Award

Members had no trouble at all in finding their choice on the show bench.
A vase containing three stems of Gloriosa Lily took their fancy. Well done Bob Yeomans - your exhibit was sensational.

Gloriosa Lily is a native of South Africa and enjoyed the hot weather. Grown from tuber, they are at home in the garden or a large pot. They are easy to grow but must have a trellis to climb on and lots of sunlight. Height reached can be 2 metres. Each tuber planted will produce 2 tubers for the following year. Must be dug when the plant dies back and then stored in a cool dry spot over Winter. In Spring the tubers should be divided and planted in October-November.

          from Show Bench