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Heather Armstrong

Vice President

Jane Baldwin


Yvonne Chapman

Ph: 9808-5112 boxhillgardenclub@gmail.com


Kevin Yeap


Debra White

Dee Douglas

Don Watts


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The Morning Garden Group, as part of the Box Hill Horticultural Society, was established

in 1980 to provide home gardeners in the region with an opportunity to meet and discuss

all aspects of gardening.

A group of active home gardeners continue to provide up-to-date information to a new

generation of gardeners.

Seasoned and new start gardeners will enjoy the exchange of knowledge and the years

of experience members bring and share at each meeting.

There is a show bench and trading table. Members are keen to show what they grow

and share what they know.

Garden lovers will enjoy the friendly atmosphere and caring support that members give

to each other.

Our aim is to provide practical information on the growing of bulbs, cut flowers, shrubs,

trees, fruit and vegetables, in a sustainable manner.

Visitors made very welcome

When we meet

3rd Tuesday of each month at 10am

Where we meet

The Pavilion - Springfield Park

Corner of Dorking & Springfield Roads

Box Hill North